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Cinnamon Stick

  • Product Code : 01
  • Minimum Order Quantity :100
  • Unit of Measure :Kilograms/Kilograms

Long Pepper

  • Product Code : 02
  • Minimum Order Quantity :100
  • Unit of Measure :Kilograms/Kilograms

Large Cardamom

  • Product Code : 03
  • Unit of Measure :Kilograms/Kilograms
  • Minimum Order Quantity :50
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Indian spices, which are prized for their fragrant depth and adaptability, are a vivid and vital part of Indian cooking. The sweet and woodsy flavor of cinnamon sticks makes it a mainstay in Indian cooking. Its thin, curly bark is carefully removed and used for savory and sweet recipes to provide a cozy, comfortable element. Cinnamon Stick enriches curries, rice dishes, and desserts by adding a tantalizing depth of flavor that is distinctly Indian, whether it is pounded into powder or utilized in its natural state. Long pepper is a jewel in the realm of Indian spices that is sometimes overlooked. 

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